In today’s economic environment defined by razor-sharp margins and tight budgets, efficiency is the name of the game for every department in the organization.

For Legal, strategic investment in the right contracting technology can ensure budgets stay on track, efficiencies are maximized, and the rest of the organization looks to the department as a true leader.

Yet the process of implementing a CLM system  requires a great deal of coordination, communication, and input from key stakeholders around the organization. Download our free checklist to secure the buy-in you need to make CLM implementation at your company a success.

What's inside?

  • A step-by-step guide to pinpoint the right stakeholders and identify their pain points to address them in your case
  • Means to quantify and communicate the benefits of the investment
  • Approaches to select the right software that would secure buy-in from the stakeholders
  • Tactics to calculate and present the KPIs that your board cares about

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