How to upload a document:

There are two ways to upload a document. 

1. Documents can be uploaded by drag and drop.

* Find the location of a document or folder on your computer and drag it into the central portion of the ‘Documents’ tab. A green box will                        appear around the proper location to drop the documents. 

* Folders can only be dragged and dropped with Google Chrome. Without Chrome, you will need to use the ‘Upload’ button for folders.

2. Documents can be uploaded by using the ‘Upload’ button in the 'Documents' tab.

* Click the button for ‘Upload,’ choose to upload either a document or a folder and the system should open a window to your computer                           where you can select a document/folder.

* Uploading a folder in browsers other than Chrome with the ‘Upload’ button requires the newest version of Java. If you do not have Java or                   have trouble uploading the newest version, please refer to the ‘Java Uploader’ help document.


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