How to set up and use templates for resuable docs (only change in signer): 

1. Click the ‘Sign’ button.

2. ‘Create New Template'

3. Create tag fields for this template and save it.

4a. Choose template again from list of templates.
4b. Click into 'Templates' tab, click on existing template.

5. Scroll down to bottom of page. Option to ‘Upload Document.’

6. Drag and Drop single document into ‘Signature Setup’ window.

7. Click ’Markup Document.’

8. Designate signer fields on document for signing parties. No need to input signer name and email address. Click save.

9. Customize Packet options and save.

10. Click ‘Sign’ tab.

11. Choose appropriate ‘New Document from Template.’

12. Choose a folder the document should be placed into and fill in signer information, then click ‘Continue.’

13. Make any needed adjustments to signer fields.

14. Click ‘Send’ and confirm packet details and Signature Routing.


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