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Sending a Multiple Document Packet for E-Signature

If one signer will need to sign off on multiple documents at once, ContractWorks allows an initiator to create a packet that will send all documents at once for signature.



Step 1:  Upload the documents for signature into the repository. The documents can exist in separate folders if you would like. Although you are sending the documents together, they will continue to live in the repository as separate documents. If you wish to consolidate all documents, that must be done outside of the system.


Step 2: Go to Sign > New Multi Document Packet under the Tools section.


Step 3: Select the documents from the repository. As you bring in documents to form a packet, the documents will be displayed on the right-hand side and can be reorganized to the correct order.


Step 4: Optional. Add an approval if there was internal sign off through the ContractWorks system. If there is no approval, click Next.


Step 5: Viewing the document, all available action is available on the left-hand toolbar:

  • Informational field: If any information needs to be added to the document prior to sending for signature, use any tags filled out at the document level to fill.
  • Signers: Add in your signers. Once added, the initiator can populate signature fields on all relevant documents in the packet.
  • Documents: Toggle through each document as needed by clicking on the document name, or reorder by dragging and dropping.


Step 6: Press Send to bring up additional packet options. This includes naming the entire packet (what the signers will see when they open their email), entering in the preferred email subject line, adding in an optional custom message in the body of the email, signature routing options, and adding in any additional recipients of the executed copy.


Step 7: Press Send will finalize the sending process and take you to an audit log where the initiator can track the progress, remind signers, or edit signers.


Step 8: Once executed, each document will reupload with the appropriate signatures. The documents will continue to live separately in the system for tracking purposes, but the audit log will always show the corresponding documents.