Scheduling a Report

Automate a report to your email on a rolling basis. Users will automatically receive this report on the schedule they set, and administrators have the additional option to have the report sent out to other email addresses as well. 



Step 1: Go to Reports > Saved Reports. The report you would like to schedule must be created and saved to the account.


Step 2: Identify the report you would like to schedule. In the right-hand action toolbar, there is a grey calendar icon called Schedule Report.


Step 3: Type in the schedule in which you would like to receive the report. You can use the example provided to start you off. Once the schedule is entered, you will see the Schedule Preview populate with the days that you will receive the report.



Step 4: Fill out the rest of the schedule options, including the format you would like the report sent in, when you would like this report to start being sent, and, if an administrator, who else should receive this report. Once completed, press Create.

Step 5: The schedule is now set. You will see a high-level view of the schedule in your Saved Reports, and the calendar icon is now green.


Step 6: To remove the schedule, press back into the calendar icon to edit the schedule. You will see a Remove Schedule button which will remove the current options and stop the report being sent automatically.