Reminding a Signer

Within the audit log, the sender can send a manual email reminder to the signer that there is a document that needs their attention. There are two ways to get to the audit log of a document sent for E-Signature.


If a signer needs to be reminded that they have a document waiting for their signature, or a signer asks for the document to be resent to them, the user who initiated the contract for signature or account administrators can send manual reminders. The system does automatically send notifications 2 days after the packet was sent, then every 7 days thereafter.




From the Documents Repository


Step 1: In the Documents tab, find document you are tracking. 


Step 2: Click the blue pen icon to the left side of the document name. The blue pen indicates the document has been sent out for signature but has not been completely signed.


Step 3: Send a reminder to the appropriate signer using the Remind option under their name.


From the Sign tab

Step 1: In the Sign tab, change the status to ‘Not Completed,’ click on the document name.

Step 2: Select the option for ‘Remind Signer.’