Recovering a Deleted Document


When a document is deleted from the active repository, the document will reside in a soft delete state within the trash bin. A user can recover a document or folder to bring back into the system during this time. Only administrators can permanently delete documents out of the system, at which time the documents cannot be recovered unless performed by ContractWorks engineering team. To do this, please reach out to





Step 1: Click into the trash bin at the bottom left corner of the document repository

Step 2: Find the document you wish to bring back into the active repository


Step 3: Move the document from the trash bin into a folder in the structure to the left and release the document or click the ‘Move To’ action in the Actions bar.


Option 1:

Option 2:

Step 4: The document should now exist back in the repository. If the document was previously tagged or electronically signed, those will also pull back into the account