Mapping AI Auto-Tags


For any accounts older than May 2019, the auto-tagging feature is not enabled. To enable auto-tagging for your account, please reach out to your Account Manager, Implementation Manager, or ContractWorks support to enable this feature. Once enabled, we will need to map the seven auto-tag fields to any tags you currently use to ensure consistency with any tags you are already using in the account. If you are not currently using one of the auto-tagging fields, you can create the tags in the account to map to the auto-tagging functionality.






Step 1: Once ContractWorks has enabled the auto-tagging feature, you will need to map the tags. You will find this action in the Settings tab under a new section called Auto-Tagging Settings. It should look like the screenshot below. Please note these are the only fields the auto-tagging will look for and cannot be customized.

Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 4.06.16 PM


Step 2: From the dropdown on each option, choose an existing tag if applicable. For example, are you currently tracking the Termination Date of a contract? If so, which tag are you currently using to track that information? For many, that is the ‘End Date’ tag, so we will populate the Termination Date field with that tag. 

Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 4.06.58 PM


Step 3: Continue Step 2 for any tags you know are currently being tracked. If there are any fields that are not being currently tracked, those can be left blank. All changes are automatically saved. It may look something like this:

Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 4.14.09 PM


Step 4: Create tags for the fields that you would like to start tracking. If you would not like to start tracking information offered in the auto-tagging, leave the field blank. 

  • Go to the Tags tab at the top to create those additional tags using the New Tag button

Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 4.08.43 PM

  • Create the tags. You will notice a new tag type called ‘Duration’ that has been made specifically for certain fields. We also recommend using the following tag types for the auto-tagging fields:


Auto-Tag Field

Tag Type

Termination Date


Effective Date


Agreement Type



Text (multiple values enabled)

Initial Term


Renewal Term


Termination Notice Window


Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 4.12.32 PM


Step 5: Go back to the Settings tab, and map any newly created tags to their appropriate auto-tag field.

Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 4.14.09 PM


Step 6: Now auto-tagging can be enabled in the account. Please see the article “How to Enable and Validate AI Auto-Tagging” for more information and next steps.