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Inviting a User

Invite users to participate in the ContractWorks account. ContractWorks allows for unlimited users, so inviting in users is as easy as providing a name, email, and level of permission. Only administrators can invite users into the system.



Step 1: Go to Roles > Users


Step 2: Click on the New User button

Step 3: Add in the user’s name, email address, and role. If a custom role must be created for this user, you can create their permissions ad-hoc at this stage under “New Role . . .”. You can also choose various other administrative options, such as:

  • Require two-factor authentication: The user will need to enter in a phone number to receive a text message code or must use an authenticator app to enter when logging into the account
  • Email hourly notifications of new documents uploaded: the user will receive an email if new documents are uploaded into an area they have access to
  • Allow this user to create approvals: Users can create approvals for new contracts. This user must have full access into one folder in the account to upload any approvals to.

Step 4: Click invite. Users will have 14 days to accept the invitation. If they do not, the user will need to be re-invited into ContractWorks. 


If you have multiple users you would like to invite in at once, you can click on the ‘Multiple Users’ tab at the top to download a spreadsheet, fill out the columns associated with each piece of data (name, email, and role) and then upload back in the ‘Multiple Users’ invite section.


Step 5: The user will now exist under the Users section. User permissions and settings can be modified in this area. If a user’s phone number or name must be changed, the user must do this themselves.