Identifying Duplicate Documents

In ContractWorks, the initial upload period can include hundreds or thousands of documents at one time. This upload process may sometimes include duplicate data, which a user may want to determine once the upload process is complete.



Option 1: Documents with the Same Name


Step 1: Go to the Reports > New Report to bring up a view of all viewable documents. Note that your ability to view certain documents may be restricted, and this view may not represent all documents in your ContractWorks account. 

Step 2: Export the report as an Excel file out of the ContractWorks system. This will show an Excel file with all viewable documents in column A.

Step 3: Select the column with the names (column A). In the Home tab of Excel, find the Conditional Formatting section and select Highlight Cell Rules > Duplicate Values.


Step 4: Input any additional options you may need on this sheet and press OK.


Step 5: All documents that appear with the same document name will become highlighted. The documents can then be found in the system and managed accordingly.

Option 2: Documents without the Same Name


Step 1:  In the event you would like to see any potential duplicates in the system where the names may not match, ContractWorks support can assist. Please email your Implementation Manager or and let us know you would like a report of all potential duplicate documents. We may verify your level of access and that you are able to see all documents in the account.


Step 2: ContractWorks support will be able to pull a report that lists all documents that contain the same number of pages and are the same file size. From this list, documents can be cross checked in the account and managed accordingly.