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How to turn on the Drafting and Collaboration tool for users

Turning on the drafting and collaboration tool for repository users in ContractWorks will allow them to automatically upload drafted and approved documents to the repository.


Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Click "Repository and E-Sign Settings"


Step 3: Scroll down to "Room Integrations" section and click "Configure"


Step 4: Scroll down to "User Settings".

Note: This is the section where integration with the drafting tool for Repository users is added.

Step 5: Click "Add"


Step 6: Select the user's name from the drop down user list.


Step 7: Select "After Approved" for event type. 

Step 8: Choose the "Approved Documents" folder. 

Step 9: Click "Submit". Now, all approved documents created or uploaded by this user will be automatically stored in the "Approved Documents" folder.


Note: Please repeat these steps for every user who will use the drafting tool for creating/uploading documents.