How to Create a Room Archive

Creating a room archive will allow you to easily create a zip file with all of your room data. This includes all documents, room index, and full audit log. Only administrators have access to create these room archives.



Step 1: Go to the Settings tab. Under the Room Archives section, select Create Room Archive.



Step 2: Create a password protection on the archive package. ContractWorks does not store this password, so please write it down and store in a safe place.


Step 3: Press Create. The Room Archive will take several minutes to create. Once ready, an email notification will be sent with the download link.


Step 4: Click the download link, which will take you to ContractWorks. The zip file should start downloading automatically. If it does not, you can manually click the download link.


Step 5: Once processed, you will be asked for the password created in Step 3. 

Step 6: You now have access to your room information.