How to Change Your Phone Number


Option 1: You do not have access to your old phone

If you use two-factor authentication and do not have access to the phone containing your old number, reach out to ContractWorks support at Provide your name, account name, and new phone number. ContractWorks will reach out to the account admin to confirm the change and once approved the update can be made. ContractWorks support will notify you when the change has been completed.

Option 2: You do have access to your old phone

Step 1: Go to the top right-hand corner to the ‘person’ icon> My Settings. 

My Settings

Step 2: Make the appropriate changes to either your name or phone number. If your email must be changed, notify your administrator.

Phone Number

Step 3: Save your changes by pressing Update. You will receive a verification code to your old phone number to finalize the change. Once completed, your account will be updated to the new phone number.