Find All Documents that Contain A Word or Phrase

You can search for language within a document for easy visibility, but there is also advanced searching capability available in the reporting tool.

Step 1: Go to Reports > New report.

Step 2: Click on the Filters button.

Step 3: In the Document Details section in the center screen, the first two options will allow for advanced searching of the documents across the repository.

Show only document names containing: Will allow you to search the names of the documents, much like in the repository section, but will consolidate all of the documents in one report view.



Show only documents containing: Will allow you to search the language within your documents. This uses the OCR functionality to show you all contracts that contain a certain word or phrase. 

Note: When you search using this option, your report will not show you the exact language in the document. You can click into a view of the document by clicking on the black triangle available to the left of every document in your report. You will then see the document with the word or phrase entered into the search bar, and you can then search through your document.