Data Spreadsheet Migration - Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Common Errors that may result after importing a data spreadsheet

Troubleshoot Common Errors 




File from spreadsheet doesn't exist in storage

  • Remove spaces using “trim”
  • Download the list from the environment and find a match using vlookup
  • No match – sort both files (A-Z) to make it easier to find a match

Tag error: 

Date is not in 'Month/Day/Year' format

Select the entire row and edit to the desired date format

Tag error: tag value is not in the same format as tag type

For example, when you have Value/Cost tag in CW, which is number type, and insert word into its value in spreadsheet – system will show an error.

Tag value can be changed using replace (select entire column, replace for example “No” with “No. it’s not” etc.

Document name missing extension (.pdf, .docx)

Extension can be added using concatenate

Document name column is missing in spreadsheet:

Delete Document Name column from spreadsheet. (to verify)

Tag columns names are missing.

Add tag column names