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Creating Custom Permissions & Roles

Creating custom permissions allows an administrator to grant and restrict access to specific folders for certain users or user groups. Permissions are granted on a folder level, so folders will need to exist in the repository prior to setting these preferences. Administrators will have 4 permission levels to provide users:

  • Full access: Can view, download, upload, delete, move, and copy documents in available folders. Can create, delete, rename, and move folders. Can fill out tag values, create notifications, run reports, create approvals, and use electronic signature if granted a license.
  • Download Only: Can view and download documents in accessible folders and run reports.
  • View Only: Can only view documents in accessible folders and run reports
  • No access: Has no access, and cannot see, folders or documents





Step 1: Go to Users > Roles.


Step 2: Click on the New Role button

Step 3: Name the role for the group of users you would like to assign. You will see the parent level of folders in your folder structure. You can use the black triangle to left of any folder to expand the structure to display subfolders.


Step 4: Click on the dots of the corresponding level of access you would like to grant. If permission is granted on a parent folder, the subfolders will inherit this level of access. This is also true if any additional subfolders are created in the future.


Step 5: Once the role is set with the permissions you want, hit the save button to submit the changes. The role should now exist in the system, and is ready to assign to users. If needed, this role can be edited at any time by clicking into the role name.


Step 6: Optional. If you would like to confirm the user has the correct permissions, administrators can preview the role by clicking the binoculars button in the action bar of the role. You will be taken to the repository and can see all the folders and documents your user will see when they are invited into the account, based on the permissions set.