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Creating an E-Signature Template

If you have a standard document, an E-Signature template can be created. This will allow a user to have access to a template document in the system to create new contracts, send for signature, and track them within the system.





Step 1: Format the template outside of the system to include appropriate spacing. For example, if you normally have a highlighted section, or sections that a user is responsible for filling in before the contract is sent, make sure to remove that outside language. You will populate this information in ContractWorks (Step 5).



Step 2: Go to Tags/ Templates > Templates. All templates, for tagging and E-Signature, will exist in this section. Choose or create a tag template for the template document to reside in. 

Step 3: Go to the bottom of the tag template. If creating a new template, remember to save the template. Once saved the ‘Signature Setup’ will be available for use. Upload your template to the 'Upload Document' section.


Step 4: Once uploaded, you can markup the document for customization.

Step 5: If you have any fields that must be filled in prior to the document being sent (such as the customizations from Step 1), use the informational tags to place those fields on the document. Use the dropdown to select the fields that must be entered and click on the document to place and drag the field into the appropriate area. The dropdown options are taken from the tags on the tag template, so it is important for the fields to exist as tags. 



Step 6: Add in your signers. Use the plus button in the signer’s area to add in one signer at a time. If the signer is to be determined upon sending, leave the name and email blank, but enter a nickname so you know what kind of signer is filling out this section of the document.


Step 7: Place the signature blocks on the document. Click anywhere on the page to enter in a signature block and choose the correct field using the tool bar. Once finished, click the 'Finished Adding' option next to the signer.


Step 8: If you know that someone is typically responsible for signing all of these documents (for example, an internal employee is responsible for signing off on all NDAs), you can enter in their contact information as a signer and their information will default every time the document is brought up to be sent out.

Step 9: Once all signers and informational fields are placed on the document, hit 'Save'. Add in any template packet options you would like that will standardize the document being sent, such as email options and routing order.



Step 10: Hit 'Save'. You will be taken to the template where you can now monitor all the fields on the document. The document is now a template ready to be created and sent through ContractWorks E-Signature under the Sign tab.