Bulk Notification Changes

Notification alerts that are placed on documents can be changed at a bulk level to add new users, remove users who are no longer at the company, or swap recipients if someone steps into a role.






Step 1: Go to the notifications report by hovering over Reports, then choosing the Notifications Report from the dropdown.

Notifications Report

Step 2: In this view, you can see all of the notifications placed on documents. You will want to select the documents you need to change by selecting the checkbox next to each document. You can use the options at the top to filter down to documents you wish to change.



Step 3: Select all applicable documents for modification. As you select the documents, you will notice the Bulk Actions button switch to blue.

Bulk Actions Blue


Step 4: Select the action you would like to take on the selected documents.

Select Bulk Action

Step 5: Enter in the email addresses that should be affected by the change.

Email to Remove


Step 6: Submit the changes and validate that the changes have been made and the correct email address has been provided.

Remove Recipients