Attaching Documents Together

Using the Attach function will allow users to see a relationship between two documents, like amendments or addendums. Users can access these attached documents from the master document.




Step 1: Find the document that needs to be attached onto another document and in the actions column, click on the three dots to display an action toolbar. Click on ‘Attach’.

Step 2: Once the Attach button is clicked, a note should display at the top that you’ve selected one or more documents. Now you are able to move freely through the system to find the document related.


Step 3: Find the master document that the attached document should be linked to. This document does not need to reside in the same folder.


Step 4: Once the document has been found, click the attach button next to the master document on the left hand side. A relationship will now be shown under both documents.


Step 5: To access any attached documents, you can access the page by clicking on the attachment note which will take you to the cover sheet. Here you can see all of your attachments, as well as any tagged metadata. 


Step 6: If you wish to detach a document, go into the cover sheet and next to the document you wish to remove, click the detach button to the right hand side and the link will be removed.