How to Turn AI Contract Auto Tagging On:

  • Contract Auto Tagging can only be enabled by an administrator, and the setting will apply for anyone logging into the account.  
  • Contract Auto Tagging a Folder can be found under the Actions Menu and is a Folder Level Action.  You can also turn this on at the Root Folder level and it will apply to all the folders in your account.
  • Click on the Actions Menu next to your folder(), or select the caret ( )next to the folder in the breadcrumb. Select Folder Settings from the menu and a modal will pop up.  Toggle Contract Auto Tagging to ON and click save.  If you would like to turn this feature off, you would follow these same steps.
  • Any documents added into the account into one of these folders will automatically have tags applied and ready for you to use in reporting.


  • Auto Tag GIF


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