How to Archive a Folder:

  • Archiving a folder can only be done by an administrator, and the setting will apply for anyone logging into the account. With Archiving, you are still able to interact with the document, view it, tag it, send it for signature, but if you have notifications set up on your date tags, those will not continue to be sent.
  • Archiving a Folder can be found under the Actions Menu and is a Folder Level Action. To Archive, click on the Actions Menu next to your folder, select Folder Settings and a modal will pop up. Toggle Archive Folder to ON and click save. If you would like to unarchive a folder, you would follow these same steps.
  • When searching documents, we will not include archived documents in your search results unless you choose this checkbox at the bottom.
  • If you are running a report, we also include a checkbox at the bottom of your filters, to allow you to include or not include your archived documents in your report.
  • If you are setting up a new user, in the folder tree, we will also show you which folders have been archived as well.


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