Top Contract Management Trends Impacting Healthcare

Earlier this year, we discussed some contract management trends that affect company operations and culture. As a new year approaches, how will contract management trends continue and develop, and what do they mean for the healthcare industry? 

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How to Draft More Durable Healthcare Contracts

The healthcare industry is subject to a hefty number of rules and regulations at all levels of government. In addition, these laws are susceptible to repeal or revision any time there is a change in governance. This can make it difficult for some companies involved in a healthcare-related business to plan for the future. This hesitancy or uncertainty may impact whether and how contracts are drafted and can end up requiring additional negotiations, amendments, addenda, or even rescissions. With these potential issues in mind, here are some things to consider in order to draft more durable healthcare contracts:

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How to Use Healthcare Contract Management For Compliance

For the past few years, the healthcare industry has dealt with growing state and federal regulations by increasing compliance budgets and staffing. And as demands accrue for greater accuracy, privacy, and patient data security healthcare organizations are carefully considering ways to improve compliance.

One area of ongoing concern for healthcare organizations is contract management. Contracts are required for many aspects of business, but a Journal of Contract Management report found that over 70 percent of companies can't find 10 percent or more of their signed contracts. This alarming statistic should give any management team pause, but the issue is particularly sensitive for the healthcare industry. Lost contracts can lead to serious breaches of privacy, duplications and administrative errors resulting in penalties for the organization.

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