Non-Profit & Government Contract Management Software

Government agencies and nonprofit companies regularly form and preserve professional relationships with outside vendors and contractors, as well as other public and private organizations. These relationships come with an extreme number of corporate contracts and other time-sensitive documentation that must be carefully tracked, renewed, and organized. Failing to do so can result in loss of accreditation, significant financial penalties, and wasted personnel resources. ContractWorks helps eliminate risk through custom alerts around important milestone dates, and saves time and money through automated reporting for audits.

"ContractWorks is great because it allows visibility and access to otherwise out of sight and out of mind documents and associated terms. The ease of use is a breath of fresh air. "

Government & Non-Profit Agencies Use ContractWorks For:

  • Contract Management
  • Task & Email Alerts
  • Activity Audits and Reporting
  • Vendor Management
  • Monitoring Renegotiation Windows
  • Regulatory Compliance Management



Custom Reporting and Alerts

With so many contract types, government and nonprofit agencies must have a way to organize, search, notify and report on critical milestones and action windows. ContractWorks helps these agencies remain compliant when managing their contracts by adhering to federal acquisition requirements (FAR), and other imposed regulations by sending automatic notifications and reports on the schedule of your choosing, with  the information you actually need.  




Secure Document Repository with Unlimited Users & Storage

Government agency documentation is more sensitive than other industries. All government contracts must be kept in a secure location in order to support compliance regulations. ContractWorks helps these agencies protect their documents using bank grade security and 256-bit encryption, and with unlimited users and storage there are no limits to the number of contracts and other information that can be securely stored and remain easily accessible, simplifying your document management processes.



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